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Patriarch: Live at The Uptown Theater

In 1981 the band Patriarch was formed in Lawrence, Kansas.  Patriarch is Gregg Anderson; guitar, violin, vocals.  Jeff Carroll; bass, vocals.  Chuck Huels; keyboards, vocals.  Steve Kuker; drums, vocals.  Mike Maxwell; guitar, vocals.  Jay Waller; sound, lights, stage, production, management, StagePro. 


The band immediately focused on writing epic and meticulous progressive rock original music.  Their sound is amazing and includes full keyboards, a hot rhythm section of drums and bass, two power guitars with tasteful solos, a world-class violinist, and features big-time vocals; all of the guys can sing, their melodies and power block vocal harmonies are impressive. 


For years, Patriarch practiced at least 3 nights per week, for 3-5 hours per night, played most weekends performing locally and regionally, and did a lot of recording.  Their first EP was recorded in 1983 at Studio West, the studio owned by Shooting Star lead vocalist Gary West.  The band formed a record label called T.E.D. Records, in honor of Ted Maxwell (Mike’s father) who loaned the band the funds to produce their first record.  Today the EP “Patriarch, First Hand” is selling all over the world for $300-$500 each!


The band shopped their original music to record labels in New York but at the time, the labels were more interested in the British sound and Patriarch was declined.  The following year, the guys traveled to California to shop their music to major labels in Los Angeles.  The west coast labels were much more receptive to the progressive rock sound of Patriarch.  The band had interest from RCA and Atlantic records.  Ultimately, Atlantic Records was very interested in the band, but Patriarch was not signed. 


The guys had to make the difficult decision to set a date and if they were not signed by that date, they agreed to move on with their lives.  The band did not get signed and went their separate ways in 1987 to pursue careers and raise their families.  They have communicated over the years and have seen each other in person on occasion.  However, over the past 27 years, they have not all been in the same room together… until now. 


The flame never died for Patriarch.  The guys all live in different cities and states now, so they haven’t been able to practice together until recently, with the discovery of new technology that creates a virtual studio where all of the guys are connected through the Internet.  They have always been interested in doing a reunion concert and writing new material.  Patriarch was fortunate enough to be able to perform a reunion concert on March 13th, 2014 at The Uptown Theater in Kansas City.  Their reunion was filmed and a documentary called “Getting the Band Back Together” was produced.  The documentary and reunion concert were sponsored by Google Fiber. 


Patriarch is now, for the first time ever, making their original studio recordings as well as the live tracks from the Uptown Theater available to the public.  The short film documentary “Getting the Band Back Together” will be available on YouTube in April 2014.  Video footage of the entire reunion concert “Patriarch: Live at The Uptown Theater” will also be available on YouTube in June 2014. 


Patriarch is back!  The guys are now practicing together again, writing new material, and will record new original music soon.  What does the future hold for Patriarch?  They’re not sure, but one thing is certain; the fire has been reignited, an awakening has taken place in each member of the band.  For more information about Patriarch, request for interviews, discuss booking the band, etc please email:  When commenting about Patriarch please attach: #rockonpatriarch   

Patriarch: Back in the Day
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